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yuffie doll avatar  
09:19pm 19/05/2008
yuffie doll

just a random thing made out of boredom.
beh, didnt turn out that badly
mood: boredbored
tags: doll, yuffie
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FF7 fanfic; The Evolution of the Ninja Chocobos  
09:56pm 18/04/2008
Title;  the evolution of the ninja chocobos
Summery;  “Vinnie, do you think we evolved from chocobos?”
Disclaimer; I do not own final fantasy7, or any of the final fantasy games
location: bed
mood: boredbored
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10:12pm 08/04/2008
 hey there everyone!

my name's Jennie, and iam pleased to meet you.
i dont have any friends on here yet, but iam hopping to get some soon.(damn that sounds dumb....)

errr... anyway, i like to read a lot of fanfiction........ and regular books too! (on  my time too, not just for school!)
iam really a big nerd though.
i also like to read alot of good manga and watch good anime! 

even though iam a girl i like to play videogames, and most of the fanfiction, i read are final fantasy 7
i dont like really girly stuff like makeup, and the color pink and stuff. though i dont put down girl that actually like that stuff though!

i also dont put down yaoi, too while iam at it. actually i like some yaoi.

i like techno music and rock music. and some classical.

anyways................ mostly what ill be posting here is my fanfiction, random crazy thoughts ( i have a lot of them), and other stuff that gos on my life.

but anyways thats all about me, bye for now!
location: home
mood: accomplishedaccomplished
music: techno
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