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FF7 fanfic; The Evolution of the Ninja Chocobos  
09:56pm 18/04/2008
Title;  the evolution of the ninja chocobos
Summery;  “Vinnie, do you think we evolved from chocobos?”
Disclaimer; I do not own final fantasy7, or any of the final fantasy games
This is my first fanfiction in final fantasy 7 and my first fanfiction that I have written in a couple of years, so go easy on me okay guys?

  “Hey vinnie do you think we evolved from chocobos?”
She was doing it again. Asking questions that was no way reverent to anything at all let alone what she was doing at the current moment. This happened to be jumping up and down on Vincent valentine’s lap, all the while counting her recently snagged material, which apparently appeared out of nowhere according to her.
“I don’t know yuffie…..why ever do you ask?”                                                                                                  Vincent valentine asked underneath the hyper woman’s lap. He really did not want to know, nor did he ever want to know what was going through the young woman’s overactive imagination when she was like this.
“Umm…well I don’t know vinnie, cloud looks pretty chocoboish”
Vincent smirked. All this because of cloud’s rather unusual hair yet again. Vincent knew how much the young woman liked to poke fun at the others personal traits and physical differences. Clouds hair was one of her favorites. The fact that she bring it up was really no surprise.
“Yuffie… do I look like a chocobo to you?”
Yuffie leaned forwards giving him view of a sicken fake innocent smile, which Vincent just rolled his eyes at? 
“Kinda….” She replied, drawing out the word as much as possible, still with that sickenly sweet smile on her face.
“Yuffie, I do not look like a chocobo, nor do you”
“Yuffie……” Vincent started; he knew how yuffie could go on about something.
“But vinnie, you would look so cute as a chocobo…..” she started to wined
“It is not a matter of cuteness yuffie, we are not chocobos, nor would we ever look like chocobos on matter how cute you think it would be”
Yuffie pouted “but vinnie, think how cool a ninja chocobo would be! Or oh ohhh I know how about a vampire chocobo!?” yuffie squealed.
“The great ninja yuffie’s vampire chocobo! Wooohooo!”
Yuffie screamed jumping up and landing on the table, which fell unbalanced underneath her weight.
Vincent just sighed as he reached out to catch the over hyper ninja. In the world of yuffie even something like biology can turn into something crazy.
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